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Wonder Works Tickets

Orlando's fun and interactive exhibits for the entire family!

It is extremely hard to miss Wonder Works on International drive, it has a very unique characteristic. Although each building on International Drive is different (some are tall like the Peabody, some are just huge and spread out like the Convention Center), they all share one common trait: they are all right-side up. In fact, you can say that's a common trait with pretty much all buildings. However, there are a couple of exceptions and Wonder Works is one of those exceptions.

What makes Wonder Works unique is that the building looks like it got picked up by a tornado and tossed like a toy onto its top. The building is upside down. This kind of exterior presentation gives just a little insight into what can be expected on the interior.

Wonder works is filled with all kinds of sensational activities for everyone in the family. Engulf yourself in a gigantic bubble; take a nap on a bed of nails; build and ride your own monster roller-coaster; rock-wall climbing; even land a space shuttle!

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Wonderworks is an amusement park for the mind with over 100 interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages to experience. The most eye-catching feature of Wonderworks is the attraction's dramatic exterior; a three story tall, classically designed building that appears to have landed upside down, atop a 1930's era brick warehouse.

Experience the trembling of a 5.3 earthquake, be blown away by 65 mph hurricane winds, maneuver the controls of a NASA spacecraft to land the shuttle, step inside an astronaut space suit, feel the sensation of 3,500 nails elevate you, fly a fighter jet, make a 3-D impression of your entire body on the WonderWall, design and ride your own roller coaster, play virtual sports plus much more!

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Wonder Works Tickets
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Wonder Works Our Adult Price
Our Child Price
1 Day Wonder Works Ticket $25.95

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Outta Control Magic Dinner Show Tickets
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Outta Control Magic Dinner Show Our Adult Price
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Outta Control Magic Dinner Show Ticket $27.95

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Wonder Works, Dinner and Laser Tag Combo Tickets
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Wonder Works, Dinner and Laser Tag Combo Our Adult Price
Our Child Price
1 Day Wonder Works, Dinner and Laser Tag Combo Ticket $48.95

Save $3.23

Save $2.51