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Whenever you visit Central Florida you will quickly realize that almost if not all the attractions and entertainment are designed specifically for family fun. So what if you’re looking for some adult entertainment in central Florida? What choices do you have for a fun night out with your buddies or spouse? Well that is exactly what Treasure Tavern was designed for. In an area crawling with fun and exiting adventures for you and your kids, this dinner show lets you escape and enjoy a night out a dinner show designed specifically for adults. So what makes this new and exiting attraction… well attractive? Its unique theme and great food will have you coming back again and again, but most of all is the entertainment!

Treasure Tavern Show 4

Treasure Tavern’s theme as a buccaneer getaway or brothel makes it a versatile and fun filled show! As soon as you enter you will meet your fun and energetic host Gretta, who will usher you through a night full of acts and experiences that can be found no where else! The nights showcase is a wide variety of acts, skits and extraordinary feats! From live music, dancing, daring acrobatic stunts, comedy skits and more unique performances you’re sure to enjoy every moment of your fun filled visit! This live show happens right before you in this two hundred and forty seat theatre. Most important is that the acts rotate base on seasons, meaning you can never get board of the acts, because they will constantly be changing! But, the best part about all this entertainment and fun is that you get to watch it while enjoying an incredible three course meal!

Treasure Tavern Show 3

This energetic and foot tapping experience is accompanied by some of the best grub you can find in all Florida! Treasure Tavern boasts that they have “Shanghaied” some world-class chefs to make your experience memorable! These three course meals are served by some of the most beautiful Wenches you’ll find in Orlando’s Taverns. Dressed top to bottom in character the waiters and waitresses here are a show just as much as those on stage! These Rum Toatin’ Women will beckon to your every need and ensure that your night of fun and entertainment is accompanied by a frothing mug of rum and pile of steaming prime rib!

Treasure Tavern Show 2

The Treasure Tavern is a sister to the awesome Pirates Dinner show, which means they have experience in the business. With fantastic shows and amazing food you cant go wrong at Treasure Tavern… so what are you waiting for, sail on over for a night full of fun and entertainment that can only be found here in Central Florida!

Treasure Tavern Show 1